Joel Thinks You Can Farm . . . . . Do You?

In Joel Salatin’s book, You Can Farm, he really believes that you can.  In 1998 Joel was laying groundwork for people with a dream.  The first section is actually titled ‘Envisioning Your Future.’


One of the biggest mistakes I’ve done in my own life is what can be called “failure to launch.”  Getting a good idea and then letting it sit until the fire has gone out; what a waste.  Joel encourages or demands that we start immediately.  This seems to be true no matter your dream.  If you really want to farm, you need to start in your own backyard.  You need to make something that you love to eat and grow.


So, note to self: Work on your dream today.  Don’t wait for huge amounts of capital.  Understand the difference between wants and needs.  Start small, rent, borrow, beg, and Go for it.


Oh, and read Joel’s book:  “You Can Farm”  (Amazon).



pigs and fence


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