Creating Life Baaaah-lance


Steven Covey wants us to balance P vs. PC.  What on earth does that mean?  He speaks of Production vs. Production Capability in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Focusing only on Production Capability is like the life-long student who keeps getting more degrees but never applies them, or the well-fertilized garden with nothing planted. 

An example of focusing only on Production (that I am very experienced with) is overgrazing your pastures in order to raise sheep. 

When the sheep first arrived at Six Sigma Ranch, we had no experience with sheep.  What do you do with no experience?  Learn from Youtube . . . .  oh, and read books and seek the advice of experts.  Still we were not prepared for the experience of watching pasture.  We moved them from pasture to pasture as they ate the grass . . . . . all the way to the ground.  The next year, what were once healthy pastures had become full of unpalatable weeds, star thistle and foxtails.  We broke the balance of Production vs. Production Capability.

 The same is true of myself.  If I cram my schedule to the brim, I squeeze out ‘Production’ from myself but hurt my Production Capability.  It is not long before I realize that I am doing lots of stuff, but nothing really important.  By giving myself enough time to hang out with my family, read good books, exercise and pray, I maintain my own personal balance of Production vs. Production Capability.




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