“It is amazing what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” – Harry Truman


Have you ever worked in a company where everyone was trying to get ahead? It is such discouraging place to be.

I’m tempted all the time to take credit, whether or not I deserve it. I am tempted to think no one will notice my talents if I don’t tell them.

Harry Truman said, “It is amazing what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”

When I get hung up making sure everyone knows how cool I am, it discourages people from wanting to work with me.  But if I make sure to give credit to the people who really are talented, we might actually accomplish the goal of our group.

Who knows, maybe we could even change the world!



“Content” versus “Awesome”


How do you get on Fox News, Huffington Post, Orlando Sentinel and the United Kingdom’s Telegraph?

Simple. Just do something remarkable.

That is exactly what Mira Winery did when they released a wine aged 60 ft. under the surface of the ocean. Based on the surprising quality of wines discovered in sunken ships, Mira set out to test the power of the ocean to improve their Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

A much less interesting approach to publicity was on display at a session I attended for the wine industry. Well-paid professionals shared well-meaning opinions on the impact of PR calendars, social media posting frequency, and “content creation” in general. Only one of them suggested creating REAL content, stories that matter, stuff people will share with friends because it’s just that interesting.

What might you create that people won’t be able to stop sharing?



To Wholesale or Not to Wholesale, That is the Question

wholesale-ebay copy

In Gaining Ground, the very entertaining story of saving a family farm, author Forrest Pritchard tells of a funny old lady who commands him at a farmers market to never wholesale. It’s an interesting point. In the wine industry, when you wholesale, you sell your product at a lower price to distributors, stores or restaurants. They, in turn, mark up your product so they can also make a profit. As soon as you mark down your price, you need to make your money on volume. You may have to make sacrifices to quality in order to reach efficiency and volume.

One might ask, why ever get into the wholesale business? It is the compelling idea that you can sell more products to one customer (a grocery store) and maintain that one relationship. If you are selling to individuals, you have to maintain many individual relationships to equal the quantities you are selling to the grocery store.

So, I’ll ask you. How do you feel about wholesaling? If you do sell wholesale, how does your business model look?

– Rachel