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I Learned to Flip a Sheep From YouTube

2014-05-11 17.35.58 copy

Indeed, I learned to flip a sheep from YouTube. (See Picture for my sheep handling skills) We had one that required urgent care while the experts at Kaos Sheep Company, whom we usually call, were not available. So I spent an evening at home watching videos and practicing on imaginary sheep in the air. The next day, I went out and performed the deed, from catching to flipping. It took two tries and was exhausting, but the task was done. When the experts came out for shearing, I got some tips on how to do it better; my method was almost right, but if I had to do it my way all day, I would have been too tired to walk. With an adjustment from an expert, things became easier for me, and less dramatic for the sheep.

My lesson: Seek the advice of experts, even if you feel like you already know what you are doing. Most likely, you can do better.



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