Full Time Airstream Life


So we did it. We sold the house and moved into the 31 ft. 1983 Airstream Excella.

The move has become a conversation topic beyond expectations, with inquiries from 3 distinctive camps.

Most who ask about our Airstream move are encouraging, albeit confused about our motivation.

Another camp comes charging, seemingly offended on a personal level, as if our defiance of the cultural order they have in mind is a personal attack on their own status within that order. This group surprised me, especially when I realized that the questions to us come following a series of conversations they’ve had already with others about our living situation. I’m honored, I suppose, that they care enough about our family home to discuss it to the point of personal offense.

And the last camp is my favorite. Often married to the personally-offended camp is someone at a level beyond encouragement. As their spouse drills us on the practicalities of space and laundry, this person becomes increasingly starry eyed, finally confessing that tiny home living for them would be a dream-come-true. The couple wanders off to begin what might become a defining conversation of their marriage about hopes, dreams and expectations for life.

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying the vineyard view and simplicity of life on the hill above Six Sigma Ranch. In the first week, we’ve had the mechanical challenges one would expect from a coach built 2 months before I was born. And we’re still running a constant dialogue on topics like “hey, if we move the chocolate powder from the pantry to the tea drawer, we won’t have to unload the baking supplies to make the kids a drink.”

The space is small, and requires constant thinking. But it also takes just 20 minutes to clean, and makes life feel like a constant vacation.

Most amusingly, we towed the rig to stay with my brother this weekend. Instead of packing, we spent 20 minutes getting hitched and securing the cabin for takeoff. Several times during the trip, we had that jolt of “hey, did you pack the…” each followed by an “oh yeah, we’re pulling our house. If we own it, we packed it.”





7 thoughts on “Full Time Airstream Life

  1. Trecia Stovall says:

    I’m super excited for you all. Rick & I talk often about upgrading our travel trailer to a 5th wheel & then totally downsizing & living out of it. We have been in a 1600+ square foot home for the last 20 years. I’m excited to see & hear more about your new adventure.

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  2. Colleen allen says:

    Love your post! You are giving your three beautiful children a huge gift. People forget that, in California we can live outside. Live the life❤️

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    • Yes, we met a family traveling the country in a new Airstream when they visited Six Sigma Ranch. I asked about the small space, because we had just purchased ours the same size. They said it’s not about living in a small space, rather about living outside, with a giant bedroom on wheels!


  3. Debbie says:

    I’m living vicariously through you folks. It’s just me and my dog but I’m hoping to do the same thing soon. Until then, I will enjoy your escapades!

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  4. Debra Fischer says:

    I can relate! We did something similar… motor home traveling when our kids were little…all across the US…it really was so much fun. Living like this is so much simpler, so much less to have to deal with and more quality time to spend with the family. When the kids were older we went back to living in the regular house…but still traveled frequently, and as homeschoolers packed the school along with us. What a fun way to make learning come alive as you travel to the places and learn about the cultures and people you normally only read about in books. Such a fun adventure! Congrats on this discovery!

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  5. Caren Elizares says:

    I’m happy for you. Do what you believe God wants with your living situation and don’t worry about other people think about it. I for one commend you and Rachel.


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