Is your glass half full?

Jess Arnsteen’s is. I recently had the pleasure of meeting this young fellow farmer working in California. He has a degree in History and Philosophy. When he graduated from school, people asked him what he was going to do with a degree like that. His answer was “Whatever I want.” And what does he want? He wants to farm. Jess currently is the farm manager at Parducci Vineyards, raising all kinds of vegetables, fruit, lamb and pork. That’s almost as strange as an economist turned ranch girl. I’ve seen this before.  

 Do you do what you love despite your background?



3 thoughts on “Is your glass half full?

  1. mosblog says:

    I do. I have two cows (children) and am constantly working in the farm (their lives) despite my background. I make no money off of them and they work me to the bone but I don’t care. It’s what I love! (advice for others wanting to run this kind of farm: marry rich!)

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