Starting Can Stink


Starting something new is hard. I’ve noticed that in my life, every time I start a new job, I’m terrible. It takes me a good year before I feel like I’m making any progress. The truth is that success in one field does not transfer directly to another. The same was true when I started farming.  I may have been a gymnastics coach, a finance assistant and an after school director, but had I ever been a farmer?  No.  If you are new to an industry and it feels like you’re just not that awesome, take heart; soon you will be. The discipline that brought you success in one career will eventually bring you success in another. Here is the key: Plan. Michael Hyatt, author of the book Platform, always tells people not to quit before the point of inflection. Plan for the time when learning needs to happen so you don’t have to quit due to lack of funds or energy.  And don’t quit just because you think you stink. Keep going and soon you won’t!



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