Best of 2014


Thank you all for an AWESOME first year at YouHaveThreeCows.com!

Here are the top 3 most popular topics from 2014, in case you missed one:

1. “If you start a business and take out a loan, you’re a moron.” –  Mark Cuban

2. Trading in the $4,425,925 Pick-Up Truck

3.  Marriage, Work and My Personality Issues

Finally, do you have any topics you would like to see in 2015? Anything related to the business of agriculture (or, apparently, marriage and personality issues =) is fair game.  Shoot us an email or a comment below, and we will cover them in this new year.

Rachel and Christian


2 thoughts on “Best of 2014

  1. Jeremy Thompson says:

    I really enjoy your blog! Suggestion for a future post: something about finding out what your customer base desires and balancing it with what you want to produce. I would be interested to hear your thoughts (unless you’ve already done one that I missed?)!

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